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Mega-Evolution is NOT a Fad

Mega-Evolution was thought to be an exclusive mechanic of Pokemon X and Y. Yet, as Nintendo continues to show, haters of Mega-Evolution will have to deal with it, because it’s not going anywhere soon. For those who ignored the newest Pokemon games, Mega-Evolution is a power granted to specific species of Pokemon that pushes their abilities into new levels. To do this, a trainer must have that Pokemon’s Mega Stone. The form lasts for only that battle, but during this time a Pokemon’s strengths, abilities, and even type can be altered. Some Pokemon, such as Charizard and Mewtwo have two mega forms, each with unique attributes.

This mechanic changed the way Pokemon battles were played. A strategic Mega Evolution could change the fate of a match. I frequent a popular browser game called Pokemon Showdown, which focuses solely on competitive Pokemon battles and creates tiers to create a balanced game—it’s basically Fight Club with adorable creatures. When the X and Y mechanics were implemented into the system, it changed everything.

Players began to fear specific Pokemon due to the mere chance that they would Mega Evolve. Last I played, Mega Gengar is still banned and Mega Kangaskahn is invincible. Some trainers hissed at the use of a Mega, while others praised the return of fan favorites in need of a competitive overhaul.

Personally, I love Mega-Evolution. It brought new life into my favorite Pokemon, Charizard. While I loved nothing more than blasting away enemies with a STAB dragon attack, I always thought all this power was temporary. My fears were eradicated with three new games set to be released.

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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

Using Megas in this game came as no surprise. Remaking the first GBA Pokemon games in the X and Y engine needed to support the mechanic as players would undoubtedly want to trade between the two 3DS games. However, the sheer amount of Megas is rather staggering. Already there have been thirteen confirmed Mega-Evolutions plus an additional two (Latios and Latias) that are assumed as hackers have found the items and models in X and Y. Will all these Megas saturate the game? Will trainers think less of Pokemon that cannot Mega-Evolve? In fact, that would make an excellent plot line for a movie or an episode of the anime if it hasn’t happened already.

Honestly, out all the Megas that have been announced, I’m most excited for Mega Marshtomp. Let’s be honest, there have been few internet phrases that reached the popularity of “I herd u like Mudkips.” That, and Mudkip is the first starter I picked on the original Ruby Version. I also have my fingers crossed for a Mega Flygon, but so far all I’ve gotten is a well-done Rick Roll.

Aside from Mega-Evolution, Primal-Evolution has also been added to Groudon and Kyogre. These forms change those Pokemon into their original selves during the creation of Hoenn. These forms are massive and will prove to be overly powerful. Every time I see them though, I always think, “Can’t wait to see Primal Rayquaza!”


Super Smash Bros. 4

The gaming world has known about this for a while. Both Charizard and Lucario will be able to use their Mega forms in Nintendo’s newest brawler. So far,  only Charizard X has been seen. While the X form is obviously more popular, it sort of leaves Charizard Y to cry in the corner. Melee favorite Mewtwo has yet to make an appearance, but considering it has two forms as well, I’m going to assume that he (or she depending on what movie you watched) will be available in DLC. Whether Mega-Evolution will be available outside of a Final Smash ability is yet to be known. I’d like to see them as alternate costumes at the least, but keeping them as a killing blow can add to the fear of seeing them evolve.

I guess we’ll have to wait until Super Smash Bros. comes out for 3DS on October 3.


Pokken Tournament

A while back there was a screen shot of Blaziken that many fans thought to be about a new Pokemon game. Others thought that Blaziken may be coming to Smash; however, few could’ve guessed that Namco was teaming up with Nintendo to create a Tekken game with Pokemon characters. It is the most astounding bit of news I’ve heard since Hyrule Warriors was announced. Not only is the idea absurd and honestly stupid on paper, but by watching the trailer I was floored. Pokken Tournament is looking to be an awesome Wii-U port of what will obviously eat the yen of Japanese arcade players. Hopefully, Pokken will come to the 3DS as well.

So far details have been scarce, but Lucario, Machamp, and Blaziken have been confirmed characters. What’s interesting is that Lucario is seen using his Mega-Evolution, which may be used in a similar fashion to Kazuya’s Devil form in Tekken. This leaves me to wonder what other Megas will appear in the final game, if any at all. I hope that a new Mega is shown as a boss on Pokken first and later comes to the handheld games.

Either way, being that I’m both a fan of fighting games and Pokemon, I am conducting the hype train for all things Pokemon. Choo! Choo!

Image by All0412 on DeviantArt

Image by All0412 on DeviantArt

Megas Forever!

When Mega-Evolution first arrived I was a skeptic, although through X and Y, I came to love them for what they are. Mega-Evolution adds new things to Pokemon and frankly the series has been so formulaic that it definitely needed the change. Honestly, I’m not too keen on Megas popping up everywhere, but for the most part I enjoy the new designs and power of these forms. I can’t wait to awaken the dragon as Charizard or turn up the heat with Lucario in a more button responsive game.

Image by Tomycase on DeviantArt

Image by Tomycase on DeviantArt

Thinking Mega-Evolution to be a fleeting thing is harder to do when considering the acceptance of the fans. Artists are creating their favorite Pokemon as Megas, many looking to be professional and creative. Modders have even put Megas into other games, like Minecraft and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Many gamers were hesitant like me, but most have grown to love these powerhouses. Gamers can’t ignore that something awesome and new has happened to the series.

Finally, Pokemon as a franchise is trying new things and reaching into places it previously wasn’t. Pikachu is a worldly recognizable character to the point that people are forgetting about Mickey Mouse. Whether its toys, games, cards, or simply a bunch of Pokemon at a soccer game, Pokemon bring all sorts of people together for one thing: fun.

Of course, this also means the world is okay with the forced enslavement and gladiatorial engagement of various creatures, but most overlook that.