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It’s been a long time since I allowed myself the pleasure and delight of being a child in a candy store and this event was a rush of fresh air fragrant with the smell of comic books and die hard enthusiasm.  On Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 I had the privilege of visiting the Marietta comic-con hosted by The Atlanta South Comic Con group, and as I entered the hotel I felt the nostalgia of youth as I was engulfed in the utopia for comic buff fandom.   Looking around I saw men, women, and children of all ages engrossed in the booths and general ambiance; each with their own preferred niches with in the comic book industry.  Cosplayers, artists, writers, fans, and wide-eyed children created a warm playground of geek lifestyle.  Held at the Hilton Garden inn in Marietta Ga., the featured guest were graciously full of smiles as they engaged with their fans about their craft and passion.  Feature guest included:

Sonic the Hedgehog Artist Tracy Yardly

Comic Artist June Brigman
Artist Inker Roy Richardson
Author Joanne Padgett
Mary Cahela Cosplayer
Comic Legend Joe Pruett
Walking Dead’s Mark Teems
Comic Artist Writer Matthew D. Smith
Earth Station One
Mark Wright- Artist
Scary Noir
Bobby Nash

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Although each personality I came across was full of excitement mixed with unique character, there were a few that still stand out as personal favorites during the experience; here are just a few.

June Brigman – Comic Artist


Jack’s Take:  June was absolutely pleasant to speak with, we shared our experiences in the comic book industry and she has new endeavors and projects she is currently working on that are sure to make fans of this cult genre of storytelling and dynamic art jittery with excitement, check out her site.

More on June Brigman

June Brigman broke into comics with AC Comics in 1983, and was then featured in DC ComicsNew Talent Showcase in 1984. From there, Brigman became part of the Power Pack team, a book she penciled through issue #17. For the next seven years, Brigman worked exclusively for Marvel, mostly on short runs; she also contributed illustrations to various editions of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.
Brigman pencilled DC’s Supergirl mini-series in 1994, following that with 1995’s Dark Horse ComicsRiver of Chaos Star Wars mini-series (which was written by her former Power Pack collaborator Louise Simonson).
Brigman essentially left the world of comic books in 1995 when she took over as artist for the syndicated comic strip Brenda Starr.

To find out more follow this link:


Mark Teems – Zombie from The Walking Dead


Mark Teems, a local from Powder Springs, GA was a featured “walker” in
Season 2; Episodes 3 & 13

Jack’s Take:  And what comic convention would be complete without the presence of The Walking Dead?   I saw a section of seemingly normal men, speaking, laughing, and joking.  This was a stark contrast to the roles these men play on the smash hit television series “The Walking Dead”.  One of the three men was Mark Teems professional Zombie.  Great to be around and with an awkwardly genuine smile of good tiding I had the chance to speak with him briefly about the show and his plans.  Although there isn’t much he or the others could tell me about the future plans or episodes of Walking Dead (because as zombies that are usually killed..err… dispatched fairly quickly), the extent of their access to sensitive information about the show was scarce, but I had a grand time speaking with this team that is involved with one of the greatest television shows of all time.  It’s obvious why they have a cult fan-base.


Pod Vomit Podcast featuring Nickelbag Rik, Justin & Joe. Yacking all over the internet about anything and everything from Star Wars, Rock n Roll / Heavy Metal, interviewing lesbians, swingers, movie directors & lots of HOT chicks. Even Aquaman took time out of his (hmmm) busy schedule to come on the show. There is nothing Pod Vomit! won’t talk about and nobody they won’t insult.
Listen in at to see what podcasting debauchery comes next.

Jack’s Take:  As a part of the media myself, I felt a strong connection with two gentlemen that had a natural and innate appeal for conversation.  Well I discovered why, these were the hosts of Pod Vomit, an Internet radio show featuring Nickelbag Rik, Justin & Joe who are proud supporters and activists  for yacking all over the internet about anything and everything.  Geeks at heart this show covers typical to atypical geek content:  Star Wars, Girls, and Heavy Metal all delivered in a unpredictable and authentic way.  I can’t express how engaging these two were and has sparked my own interest in their podcasts.

By the end of my visit to the world of Atlanta South Comic Con my face was sore from smiling so hard for so long, the experience was refreshing to see a convention true to its origins and expectations.  The possibilities are endless for the ASCC and I hope this comic convention gains even more traction so that it can spread the comic culture, cosplay, anime, and Manga to new fans.

Special Thanks to Mario Russo.

For any interested in learning more click on the link below.

*** 2013 CONVENTIONS ***
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 Atlanta South Comic Con

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November 10th
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