President Assad's Men

Latest Developments in Syria

Jay Patel

President Barack Obama had a tough decision between pursuing military action and remaining stagnant.  There is very weak support for military action after recently starting to withdraw troops from the Middle East.  Russia aided in the President’s decision by proposing a plan that would have Syria surrender its chemical arsenal.

The US will have Secretary of State John Kerry meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva Switzerland to discuss the situation. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin says that the Prime Minister of Syria supports the proposal but the only way the Syrian government will hand over the chemical weapons is if all other nations give up their plans on using force against Syria. This could seem like a no-brainer.  Why don’t all of the countries around the world say that we won’t use military action and have the Syrians surrender all of their chemical weapons.  There is a certain level of trust that has to be established when moving forward with diplomacy.  Should the Syrian government really be trusted if people in power such as President Bashar Assad are capable of this?

President Obama will have a televised address on Tuesday September 10th at 9 pm.