King of Fighters 14 Announced for PS4!

SNK Playmore announced at the Sony’s Tokyo Games press conference earlier this week that King of Fighters, a 21-year-old fighting game franchise, will return as a PlayStation 4 exclusive next year with King of Fighters XIV.

This came as a surprise since the last KOF game was released in 2010 in arcades and in 2011 on consoles. With SNK Playmore shifting focus to pachinko games in Japan, it was figured KOF was dead. Granted, KOF XIII would’ve been a great game to go out on, but at one point this franchise was a serious competitor—at least in Japan—with Capcom’s Street Fighter series. Now, once again, Capcom will have to contend with KOF since Street Fighter V will also be released as a PS4 exclusive in 2016.

Some have complained that the graphics look subpar, even going so far as to call them “ugly” or compare them to the King of Fighters: Maximum Impact games on PS2. Well, this is a teaser trailer for a work in progress. Besides, the linchpin with all video is always gameplay.

Personally, as a fighting game fan, with this and SFV exclusively on the PS4, I have more incentives than ever to get the new Sony console.