Keep Track of Your Belongings with XY

How much time each week do you spend looking for your keys? How about your cat, your work badge, or even your wallet? XY is here to help. This nifty app offers small Bluetooth LE powered chips that can be attached to a host of items (keys, animal collars, and even kids’ bracelets), which synchronize to your phone through the XY app. From there, you can set alerts to sound if you leave something behind and also track an item within 150 feet. Sounds cool, right? It gets better.

Not only can you track your lost items, XY also has a unique “Lost-It” feature that will alert other XY users if they come across your lost tag. Once XY becomes a widespread product, you could use this feature to track down your runaway dog or the keys you left behind at the cafe. On top of that, the “Find-It” feature allows the user to mark an item as lost. This item can also be tracked down if it’s within 150 feet of the user’s phone. If it’s not close enough for that, XY will tell you where it was last seen.

Funding has already begun for this new startup company on KickStarter. XY has quickly reached it’s KickStarter goal of $45,000, and has since skyrocketed past $95,000 due to it’s unique design and offerings. If this technology interests you, we recommend you take a gander over at the donations page. XY will be available for both iOS and Android systems.

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