Giga Geek Magazine is made up of a group of geeks volunteering their time to turn Giga into something awesome. We focus on all things geek: comics, gaming, otaku, movies, TV, technology, etc. We are looking for people who love to write, have an opinion, and have a passion for at least one of the subjects listed above. Opinion pieces, reviews and previews, event coverage, daily news, etc., are all welcome; however, we don’t want to be just another geek review site—there are enough of those already. We want to be different from everyone else and we need your help to accomplish that.

Even though this is a volunteer gig, you will gain experience, exposure, and have a little more freedom on writing topics. Also, we will be able to work with your schedule (at least one article a week). Feel free to go above and beyond the one article.

If you’re interested, after submitting this form, please send 2 writing samples (at least 350 words on any geek topic) and a quick blurb about yourself and your geek tendencies to our Editor-in-Chief:

*Must be at least 18 years old to apply*

What do you think?