Is Cranston Really Going to Play Luthor?

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is still not locked up to play Lex Luthor, but every geek in the world is hoping this deal gets inked with swiftness. With Cranston readying for All the Way, (a play at the American Repertory Theater where Cranston will take on the role of Lyndon B. Johnson on September 13) the Boston Globe was able to ask him a few questions pertaining to the role.

“. . . people are talking about, but nothing is set.”


When asked if Cranston would be taking on the legendary role of Lex Luthor, Cranston simply responded, “I’ve heard that too.” This leads us to believe he is at least in talks to become Lex Luthor, but nothing has been made official yet.


Cranston was then asked if the rumors of him playing in somewhere between six and 10 movies as Luthor, Cranston answered, “Six? This is all news to me. I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I’m known to be bald. ‘What bald guy can we get?’ The reality is they can take any actor and shave his head or put a bald cap on him.”


When asked about his future plans, Cranston replied, “I think I’ll relax the rest of the year. There’s some irons in the fire, things that people are talking about, but nothing is set.”


Cranston is definitely a busy man, and while I do not get all of the hate many geeks are sending Ben Affleck’s way for being cast as the new Batman, I am right there with them hoping Cranston seals the deal as Lex Luthor.

What are your thoughts on Cranston squaring off against Henry Cavill as Lex Luthor? Do you think he is toying with the media and fans right now? Do you think he has secretly already inked the deal, but Warner Bros. is waiting for the right time to announce it? Who knows? I do know this, Cranston’s appearance at San Diego Comic Con this year was spectacular, and New York Comic Con is right around the corner. We may see Cranston, Cavill and Affleck sitting at the same table, talking about an epic adventure we will be able to experience a few years from now.