Wonder Woman Journal

Insight Editions’ Wonder Woman Journal

I finally got a chance to use my Wonder Woman journal. Okay, I lied. I haven’t used it; it’s just too pretty to use. I don’t want to vandalize it with my terrible handwriting and insignificant rambles.

Wonder Woman Journal

The cover is made out of a sturdy material that is scuff and scratch resistant.  With Wonder Woman’s infamous symbol debossed on the front, I feel like I’m part of a secret agency on Earth that works for her. I’m lame, I know, but hey, what do you do?

To help readers feel like they are even more a part of the DC Universe, Insight Editions included several pages filled with sketches and notes from yours truly. During a battle with Cheetah, Wonder Woman loses her journal and leaves you with the beginning of a looming,  great battle.
Wonder Woman JournalI love this journal. It’s durable, 192 pages, and there’s even a little pocket on the inside of the back cover. I didn’t think Wonder Woman would have a journal—when would she have the time or where would she keep it—but I can believe this one is hers.

You can order Wonder Woman’s or Superman’s journal from Insight Editions for $18.95. I hope a Batman journal is next!