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GIGA: Industry Now – E3 Special Report – Part 2

Day 2 – E3 Special Report
By: Carlos Joel Nieves
Sony: PS4

GIGA STaff Thumbs CarlosHey everyone, Carlos back again with part 2 of our E3 report. Sony was declared the winner of E3 overall, mostly because of Microsoft marketing decision. Sony literally showed the crowd a couple of games, talked some trash against the competition and they were done. This was absolutely the best public relations move I have seen in years simply pure genius. Talk about using your opponent’s weakness against them… But it’s not all good in the land of the rising sun. The PlayStation Vita was mostly a “No-show” in the presentation with almost no new or original games. Sony needed to drop the price of the Vita if it had any hopes of competing against the 3rd mobile platform giant; the Nintendo 3DS. Now, to the PS4 exclusive game line up; we had Driveclub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, The Order: 1886 and Infamous: Second Son.

The Sony presentation was divided between the games that the PS4 will offer and the services they are planning to incorporate into the console. The PS4 will not be online 24/7, it is region-free and they will not make use of DRM for first party titles. However, it has also said developers and publishers will have the ability to implement some restrictions, if they choose to. In other words expect similar policies across both the Xbox one and the PS4. The price is going to be a really attractive $399.99 but this doesn’t include the PlayStation Camera, a peripheral for the PS4 that has been curiously under-played at E3.

This is probably because it’s an add-on whose absence from the main PS4 kit has helped Sony’s console undercut the Xbox One by $100. If you want the complete set, you will pay $499.99. In addition to this you’d have to pay a subscription fee (PS+) to play games online with the PS4. (I really hope that with that extra money they are able to stop another PlayStation network outage… how people forget so fast).

Expect to get your hand on Sony new console on December.

Tune in tomorrow to catch part 3 of GIGA E3 report talking all about Nintendo and the WiiU.

Written by- Carlos Joel Nieves 6/12/2013
Edited by- Jacques A Montemoiño 6/13/2012


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