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If you are anything like me, the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was the sharpest double edged sword you’ve ever been cut by. You finally get to play  a masterful peace of art that is rewarding down to the soul.  A true feeling of control in every situation and creating your own cutscene-worthy moments make the game a must play—and has garnered high scores all around the net. On the other hand, with Hideo Kojima leaving Konami—or taking a “vacation” as Konami calls it—playing this game means the end of an era. There will be no announcement of the next MGS game down the line. This is truly the end.

Outer Heaven early gameplay – Indie DB

Or is it? Enter Boker and his game Outer Heaven. The game is described by its creator as, “. . . a Metal Gear(MSX) remake with Unreal 4 engine, you will play all original storyline with detailed scenes, details, and places.”

For those, like myself at one point, who didn’t know the Metal Gear series started before the PlayStation 1, allow me to catch you up: this game will be an updated version of Solid Snake’s first major mission. You will embark on a solo-sneaking mission to take down Big Boss, his nuclear weapon Metal Gear and topple his Outer Heaven army by utilizing tips from teammates via radio, your wits, and whatever you may find along the way.

Outer Heaven stands to be an amazing update to bridge the gap between the exploits of Big Boss and Solid Snake. The early gameplay video gives us a glimpse into the developing world in action. Because it’s a very early build, the character models are not quite the iconic levels we may be accustomed to. The environments, however, are clearly a cut above Metal Gear Solid levels already. The sound work has been established early: the infamous exclamation sound when Snake is seen by an enemy solider. Even the music invokes memories of tactical espionage action.


The original Water Place from Metal Gear (MSX)

Water Place

Water Place in Unreal 4 Engine

It is still very apparent that the potential for greatness is there. The screen shots that have been released thus far show great promise and a solid attention to detail when compared to their counterparts in the original title. Boker also plans to add voice work to the final version of the game using the script of the original title updated to make the remake fit better with the series cannon.

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However, as with any sign of greatness, there’s also a dark side. For those looking for alternatives to their favorite franchises or rebirths of a long lost series, the cloud of cancellation always looms overhead. As amazing as this looks and as great as the potential may be, at any point in time Konami or Hideo Kojima can pull the plug and banish this dream back into nothingness. Several 3D Pokemon titles have met a similar fate over the years as well as some of the more popular M.U.G.E.N. fighting titles. Legalities are nothing to play with, especially at a time when there seems to be less money circulating through the gaming industry and more people wanting to make it big.

Comments from Outer Heaven IndieDB page

Comments from Outer Heaven IndieDB page

Fingers crossed that this game sees the light of day. As a HUGE Metal Gear fan, the MSX titles (Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake) are just too dated for me to play. This revitalization of these titles would give me my first real chance of reliving the first battle between Snake and Grey Fox, the fall of Outer Heaven, and a bridge between Kojima’s first masterpiece and his last.

Stay tuned people. This is either going to be really awesome or dead before it even sees the light of day. Man, that’s really upsetting.

Outer Heaven Teaser 2 – Indie DB