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Indie-Pennant: KOKUSAI Fighting Engine (UDC Test)

Kokusai Fighting Engine meets Zeiden Universe (Gideon Games)KokusaiFE 6
Introducing indie game developer Massimo Dean (founder of Kokusai Software) who has developed a proprietary fighting game engine currently being implemented with .XNA (For Microsoft XBOX).  This engine is the foundation of  U.D.C. (Universal Dominion Championship), a 1st House – Gideon Games traditional 2D fighter.  In this video Massimo tests and showcases the functionality of the Kokusai Fighting Engine.  For the the purpose of this example, copy-written and trademarked intellectual property of Zeiden Universe / 12 Houses Inc. has been replaced with stock art assets from Capcom’s Street Fighter.  Kokusai Software and 12 Houses Inc. claim no ownership of Ryu, backgrounds, sound, or music derived from Capcom.  All assets are used strictly for the sake of demonstration.

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Iyxawork3  Jaden Sprite with true Medallion Sprite comparisons XBUDC - Battle Screen with Porscha Sprite XBUDC - Character Selection Screen Font 2 - Copy











MORE INFORMATION on The UDC/Kokusai Project

For more information on Kokusai Software or Kokusai Fighting Engine visit:


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