Indie Alert: Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been exploring the Twitch world. During my contemplation of maybe starting my own Twitch stream, I stumbled upon Stodeh, who just so happens to be working on an indie game called Wayfarer: The Outer Reaches. The core worlds in Wayfarer are overpopulated, and high unemployment and crime rates are creating chaos among the people. In an attempt to uphold their promise of peace, prosperity, and progress, the Core World Coalition (CWC) has created the Wayfarer Initiative:  A program that enlists volunteers to research and colonize the outer reaches of the newly claimed planet Stoddaria. (The 3D artist’s last name is Stoddart, coincidence?)

In exchange for any beneficial information, wayfarers receive a new life and the promise of wealth. Because of the CWC’s limited resources in the outer reaches, wayfarers will sometimes have to deal with rogues: wayfarers who have decided to abandon their duties.

One aspect of the game that really interests me is how your character will develop. Apparently, there will be no classes or skill trees. The type of new abilities and skills your character will gain will depend solely on how you play and the actions you do the most. I’m guessing if you spend most of your time fighting bandits, you will acquire skills and abilities that will help make you a better fighter.

With a new life, new ship, and new weapons, wayfarers have the freedom to do what they want when they want. In this free-roaming, first-person, sandbox, you can take jobs, fight bandits, harvest minerals, claim bounties, explore, and construct new equipment. On the other hand, you could spend your time walking around your ship, cooking (cause, you know, you have to eat and stuff), making repairs in the engine room (there’s always time for calibrations), or sitting in the cockpit flying through space. You will also have to make sure you are well stocked up on food and water, or else you and your crew will die.

You won’t have to play alone. Much like Skyjacker, you will have the choice of playing solo or with friends. Invite your friends onto your ship as your crew and work together: while one friend controls the turrets, another will make repairs on your damaged ship.

Like any other free-roaming sandbox, there is a lot of potential, but with it comes a huge undertaking for Bright Sprite Studios. It’s nice to see the way this four-man team stays in contact with its fans and supporters through social media and TwitchWayfarer is still in its early development stages, thus we must wait and see what promises Bright Sprite Games will be able to keep. Keep up-to-date with Wayfarer‘s progress on Bright Sprite’s website and Steam Greenlight.