Indie Alert: Trippy RPG – Y2K

Ackk Studios is working on a 3D, turn-based, Japanese-style RPG: Y2K—that takes me back, I’m old. Players control an unemployed college graduate, Alex. Alex is on a quest to find answers behind the death of a young woman: her life is claimed by an erratically behaving elevator.  During his search through ’90s message boards, Alex learns about a “Death Cab” roaming the city and countryside and the death toll surrounding it.

Alex Eggleston

Alex Eggleston

I love the look of this game. The art style is what really caught my attention. It’s bright, fun and unique: a psychedelic, trippy trip.

Battle scene in Y2K

Battle scene in Y2K

Enemy encounters are much like any other RPG, except when you kill an enemy it’s gone forever. Most of your grinding will take place in Mind Dungeons, where you will find chest that contain special moves you can’t find outside the dungeon. Defeating enemies and talking to NPCs will unlock keys to the Mind Dungeons.

Players will have control over how quickly the battles move. Speeding up battles will make inputting dodge and combo attacks in real time a little difficult.  When you take damage, a meter will start to fill up. Once the meter is full, players can slow the battle down and pull off dodges and attacks more easily.

I'm assuming this is part of the Mind Dungeon

I’m assuming this is part of the Mind Dungeon

I’m excited about this game. The story sounds crazy, but I’m intrigued. Ackk Studios promises a story-heavy, “gripping narrative, an expansive world, memorable characters and an emotionally moving score.” I can’t wait.

Ackk Studios is shooting for a late 2015 or early 2016 release on the PS4, PS Vita, PC and Wii U.