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GIGA is an open platform for student journalists, photojournalists, writers, and editors.


GIGA: Magazine is a multimedia journalistic publication platform.  As facilitating education and providing community service are both integral to the company vision, I would like to extend an invitation to any students, freelance writers, bloggers, and writers in general; to use our magazine as a platform to gain real world experience as well as become active within the media/press industry by attending events, movie releases, conventions, expos, sporting events, and interacting with others from other corporate entities. Our magazine will be covering the following sections and subjects:

1. Video Game / Software Industry
• Game Reviews
• Game Spotlight
• Game Industry News

2. Arts
• Anime and Otaku Culture
• Anime Series Reviews
• Comics
• Cosplay
• Artists Spotlight
• Fashion
• Music
• Traditional Arts

3. Social / World Views
• Advice Column
• Motivational Thought

4. Film / Television/ Broadcast
• Series, Movies, Television, Radio
• Movie Reviews
• Podcast/Webcast

5. Sciences and Humanities
• Technology, Hardware, Gadgets, Automotive, Computers
• Quantum Physics and Theory
• Medicine
• Space, Sea, Flora and Fauna etc.

6. World News
• Economics
• Politics
• Events

7. Community
• Community Affairs
• Education

8. Sports
• Sports Journalism

With the help of students and independent writers, we can create an insider’s fast track to industry exposure, experience, and training for tomorrow’s brightest in journalism. The purpose of GIGA Magazine is to help today’s economy by providing hands-on experience for young writers who can then later use that experience as a catapult to bigger and better opportunities.

Primarily, we welcome unsolicited submissions from non-interned-writers but there are slots open for full-internships. We also have positions available for media relations, web administrators, and ancillary editorial staff. We prefer upper class-men but are open to giving earlier students an opportunity at journalism, assuming exceptional writing ability. Anyone interested in participating and/or writing for any of these subjects can contact:

or register for an account and send your user name to us, so we can transfer your account status from subscriber to contributor.

Thank You!

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