GIGA: Industry Now – E3 Special Report – Part 3

Day 3 – E3 Special Report
By: Carlos Joel Nieves
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Nintendo: WiiU

OK, everybody, Carlos here with part 3 of our E3 report on Nintendo. Starting off I have to say, this was the weakest of all three presentations. This time, Nintendo decided to skip the usual E3 conference for a Nintendo Direct presentation on their main web site.  Nintendo showed off an incredible exclusive software line up both for the 3DS and WiiU but for now let’s concentrates on the WiiU.We have Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country’s: Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101, Zelda Wind Walker HD, Sonic Lost World and Super Smash Bros.

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For many reasons this fantastic game catalog is just “too little too late”. In the upcoming console war, Nintendo has 3 major problems to overcome if they want to remain relevant and viable this holiday season.

1) Timing: They need to launch these games before 2014. Now, let’s be truthful here people, the WiiU is not selling. They need to give the consumer a reason to buy the console. Since the launch of the WiiU it has been lacking the AAA titles that it deserves. Nintendo is still directly competing with Sony and Microsoft; this is not 2007, and the WiiU is not the success story that the “Wii Console” was. They need to release these and stop living in their own bubble where the competition isn’t fierce and the rules don’t apply to them, especially on the eve of the next generation console.

2) Cost: Price cuts Nintendo! The Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set is $349.99, for $50.00 more I can buy a PS4 at launch.

3) More original IP: Nintendo needs to expand their portfolio for a wider audience and age demographic.

Final Word
Now days, with almost all third party games coming to all 3 console, it is up to the first party game line-up to convince the consumer to buy the console. Ignoring Nintendo for a moment, in the end, Sony played their cards with the right crowd; it was pure marketing genius.

As a consumer I have to say it was an amazing conference. Microsoft needs to have a public control roundtable; rethink the price point and policy (make it more flexible for consumers). Both consoles have an excellent game lineup and online services. Remember Microsoft was the company that had a faulty console (Red Ring of Death) for years and people still bought it winning this console generation.  And Nintendo, they do whatever the F@$% they want.I still must insist that it’s too early to call a winner so early in the life cycle of these new consoles.

Written by- Carlos Joel Nieves 6/12/2013
Edited by- Jacques A Montemoiño 6/13/2012

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