Eien Strife

Giga At Tsubasacon 2014: Eien Strife

There are two things that I look forward to in October: my birthday and Tsubasacon. Lucky for me those two things happen on the same weekend. It’s probably the only anime convention in West Virginia and it is becoming one of my favorites. Last year I got to hang with David Vincent, the voice of Grimjow from Bleach. He even said some things as his characters for Forever Classic. That was a great weekend.

This time around, I lacked a video camera. So, instead of my usual Youtube coverage, I wanted to at least give you a peek at what you missed this year.

Out of spontaneous curiosity, I stuck around the main event room for a concert that I had no idea about. Eien Strife was set to perform, headlining the music for the weekend. I saw the band earlier that day, cosplaying original characters. I didn’t think much of it, but I did like the neon colored strings on their instruments. When I stepped into that concert, though, I was blown away.

Eien Strife is a group of four adventurers who hail from the land of Terina. The heroes come from different walks of life, but they work together to bring down monsters, explore new places, and gain experience. Each concert is one of their side quests. This concert had the heroes pursue a Sacred Ring of Fire to keep the evil Phoenix from breaking its seal and destroying the forests.

Their music reminds me a lot of Paramore, if they sang songs written for Dragonforce with a little Rise Against mixed in. It’s fast paced with complicated notes and a driving rhythm. On stage, they sometimes perform a Team Attack, usually between the bassist and guitarist. For one song, they stood side by side, guitars crossed and made each other’s chords while the other played. Their second attack formed a tower of power as the bassist sat on the guitarist’s shoulders. These were extremely cool to watch and the band seemed to be having a blast.

Speaking of fun, Eien Strife also does special segments in between songs. A video was projected onto a screen that the band members would duck behind. Each act was a sprite animation, complete with guest appearances by Nathan Explosion and Megaman. While I couldn’t see all of the action, I found these breaks to be hilarious. Eien Strife also boasted that each side quest was tailored to the event.

I also hope that they eventually record their cover of Still Alive, one of gaming’s most famous songs. Their version is amazing.

I went in not knowing who these cosplayers were, but I left wanting their music. I’m pretty sure I was one of the first to buy a sweet wooden thumb drive loaded with their songs. Never have I seen a band that has as much fun or energy as Eien Strife. 1981969_685480128160648_6853774634298305467_n The band also created a few panels. Being me, I went to the Retro Video Game Challenge. It was here that I got to talk to the band personally. They’re all great people to be around; however, they’re also evil because they made me play Ninja Gaiden 3 on the NES with three people on one controller. We made it to the boss at least.

If you ever get a chance to see Eien Strife in concert, don’t be a fool, go and have a blast. Check them out Twitter and Facebook!