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The PS3 Slim no longer has the “main power” switch (similar to PlayStation 2 slim ), like the previous PS3 models, which was located at
PlayStation 3 system software

The first one was filed on behalf of PS3 owners by Anthony Ventura The suit states that removing the feature constitutes breach of
List of PlayStation 3 games

The column “Exclusive” indicates whether the PS3 is the only platform on which the game is available. This does not include handheld game
‘Tekken Revolution’ is PS3 exclusive, free to play, launching this Tuesday

‘Tekken Revolution’ is PS3 exclusive, free to play, launching this Tuesday. Tekken Revolution was revealed earlier today by a trailer tucked away 19 minutes inside of a video segment on Gamespot. The game, which is both free-to-play and a PlayStation 3
Super Motherload Digging Into PS3 and PS4 Later This Year

XGen Studios is a developer most known for their Flash based games, such as Stick RPG, Defend Your Castle, and Stick Arena Dimensions, in addition to the occasional WiiWare title. They’re looking to make a bigger splash in the console market this year
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream Coming to PS3

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dream Coming to PS3. What’s old is new again. by Colin Moriarty. June 6, 2013. Way back in 1987, a game called The Great Giana Sisters came to Commodore 64. It was a side-scrolling platformer that looked a heck of a lot like the