Geeky Stocking Stuffers Under $25 – Audio

The holiday season is a special time for geeks. We upgrade our consoles, beef up PCs, and snag up whole seasons of shows on TV. These are a few audio related gifts that won’t leave your wallet barren.


Price – $25.00

Coloud’s Bang – Miniature speakers are great when traveling or hanging out in a small space. What makes these little fellas interesting is one can daisy chain two or more together for even more sound. I recommend getting about ten, making a circle on the floor, and meditating to the sounds of the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Oh, how they pound, raising the sound.

unnamed (1)

Price – $20.00

Wicked Audio’s Warden – Why pay a kidney for a set of headphones? If your answer is because all the cool kids are wearing them and they pack amazing quality—touche Dre—however, if you’re looking for a good sound with style try the Warden on for size! That or if you know someone that’s really into Dragon Age.

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Price – $24.99

Scosche’s Boltbox – Need some juice for that new phone? Here is an easy trick for getting a quick charge.

Step 1: Dunk device in 8oz of apple juice

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Buy new phone and while you’re at it buy the Boltbox. It probably works better than Step 1.

Warning: Giga does not hold responsibility for any damaged devices.

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Price – $14.99

Toddy Gear’s Toddy Wedge – Siri needs a pillow too! She gets tired of hearing your obnoxious questions about that ’90s one hit wonder no one cares about. The wedge comes in plenty of styles, so be sure to get one  she will like. Might want to ask first though.


Price – $9.99

ThinkGeek’s Unicorn Earbuds – There is only one way to watch Cabin in the Woods, WITH UNICORN EARBUDS!