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Gearhead Modding Oath

It is a common saying that “You can’t please everyone” although that is somewhat true, we will NEVER stop trying. Gearhead Modding strives on 100% positive feedback! all of our employee’s emails, Chats, and Messages are monitored to guarantee everyone is at the top of their Game! Every purchase made on our online store is personal to us, When a sale is made, the next available technician takes that sale and sticks with it from start to finish. This includes the painting process, modifying the motherboard (PCB), testing the final product, shipping the controller, and above all keeping the customer (You) informed and educated about your purchase. We know your excited to get your controller, and we share that excitement while building it from start to finish. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated, with a positive, helpful attitude! If for any reason your not 100% happy with your purchase we will offer you a full refund.

What about Controller Quality?

This is an issue for most controller companies, but not us! Our controllers start with an Official Microsoft Xbox or Official Sony Playstation controller, and then taken Apart for re-mod and fabrication. Controller shells are then sanded down for a perfectly smooth feel, then paint is applied using a special type of “Water Transfer Printing” Called “Hydro Dipping” after the paint and designs are applied these controllers get a clear coat applied to ensure our designs won’t rub off or smudge.  This ensures quality and makes it resistant to scratch.  At times you may notice a very slight difference in the photo and what you ordered, That is because we hand make EVERY controller to order and each one slightly varies from one to another.  We offer a 99.9% guarantee that the controllers our customers order will be fabricated with attention to detail and will resemble the same design as the pictures provided on our site. We would NEVER ship out anything we wouldn’t personally use ourselves!

Gear Mod 1 Take a look around and enjoy our craftsmanship!