Game Spotlight: The Last Of Us

E237_the_last_of_us_top Genre- Action/Adventure

Studio/publisher-Sony Computer Entertainment/ Naughty Dog

Platform- PlayStation 3  

 Age Rating: [RATED M] – Blood, Drug reference, Strong language, Violence.


After an outbreak of a strange plague that decimates most of the world’s population. The survivors are left savagely fight for few and scarce supplies. Paper thin alliances are formed, as packs of humans fight for turf like starved wolves, as you struggle to fend off both the infected and the uninfected. You play as Joel, a rough around the edge Texan who is just passed his prime. He’s accompanied throughout the game by several different AI characters, the main one being Ellie. A 14 year old girl who you have to escort to around the city to hand her over to a group called the fireflies. The fireflies are a dying militia that formed with in the city, marshal law wiped out most of them at this time, and they need ellie to help find a cure to the infection that is always a breath away from you.

The disease itself is a human contagious form of the Cordycep fungus. The Cordycep fungus infects a human via airborne spores or a bite from the infected. Very rapidly, the diseases then travels to the brain where it makes the infected person go insane within hours of contamination. Years of infection cause obvious mutations to the human form. Fungus stalks erupting out of the head, these enemies are blind but still manage to have excellent hearing. These enemies, called clickers because of their distinct clicking noises, are the more terrifying of the enemies you combat in The Last Of Us. They hear every move you make, and if you are unlucky enough to be caught by one you’ll be greeted by the lovely sight of a gruesome kill cut scene. The player may be able to fend off one of these if they have an upgrade that allows them to quickly use a blade shank to stab the clickers off. The second enemy you face are called the runners. The runners are the newly infected, the ones that have only just begun to go mad, they are very fast and will chase you. When grabbed by these infected you get put into a QuickTime event where you button smash a given button till Joel shakes it off. You can then finish it off to your liking. The third enemy and the most dangerous enemy are the normal uninfected people, they travel together nearly always have some form of armor and equipped with guns. The unpredictability of the uninfected is what makes them more dangerous than the infected themselves.

The game sports a rough multiplayer which they named factions where you play in 2 game modes, one being supply raid, where each team of 4 has 20 lives total for the team and you face off to fight for food, ammo, health kits. Team that loses all 20 lives loses. The second game mode is Survivors; each team of 4 has only 1 life each. They fight to pick off all enemy players to win the round. In the multiplayer you can connect to Facebook and your friends list will implement into the game. Each time you win rounds, you will get random people from your Facebook friends list to join in your clan. The more people in your clan the more food you need to scavenge from supply raid to keep them healthy and not sick. The multiplayer was a pleasant surprise instead of the dry infected vs. humans fight, we ended up with the hunters vs. fireflies all trying to survive and expand their clans.

Fight or Flight?

Joel running from a small hoard of infected civillians

Why I liked it- The game in short is well, astonishing. The visuals and cinematic were so crisp and detailed. They really paid attention to fine detailing for this game, right down to the specs of dust the would fade in and out of you range of vision. The story was everything as you would expect it, and hoped it to be. It doesn’t seem to Hollywood, and it’s very believable. The characters are built up very well and fit perfectly into the story, you can become very attached to certain characters and when they leave or die, it gets quite upsetting. Gameplay is fluid but has a tendency to for the game to stick where you can’t make any movements at all. Naught Dog is not a stranger to giving us great quality games, and they Most certainly achieved greatness with The Last Of Us. ~Samantha Spiegel