Game File – Tera Online

Online is a MMORPG game that boasts to have a true action combat system like none that has been done before. TERA Online was released only recently, on May 1 2012, but is home to a vast variety of features. It has the option of six different races; the honest yet fierce Aman, the well combat balanced, gentle natured Baraka, the cleverly skilled and fast tempered Castanics, The secretive, bold High Elves, the persistent and knowledgeable Humans,  and finally the curious yet ferocious Poporis.

TERA Online is mainly made up of free roam areas, ranging from never ending sanded desserts, wild and dangerous jungles and everything in between. The aim is to join an alliance to become the heroes that will save their precious world from bloodthirsty monsters. You must guide your character through multiple quests which will take you through the different world zones. While questing it is essential to be wary of the many roaming mobs. Tera has a host of tough world bosses just waiting to be challenged and dungeons that are waiting to be explored. There is also the option of PVP (Player vs. Player). This can be in the open world or dueling your friends. There are also battlegrounds (5 V 5 and 10 V 10) with fantastic graphics and maps.
There is a fantastic campfire system in game, where you can replenish your endurance, gain bonuses and meet new people to group up and quest with. It is possible to upgrade your gear using enchanting. This can be done by collecting 3 kinds of items, the piece you want to enchant, another for the ingredient and some enchantment dust. Alternatively, you can just use enchantment crystals in the special slots on your equipment. These can be obtained from killing  mobs, or bought in the vastly popular auction house.

Mounts are available in varying speeds, depending on your skill level and depth of your wallet. There are various ground mounts available,  however, if you want to get somewhere quickly, there is the option to fly from one city to another from using the TERA Online transportation system.

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