Freedom Mic – Film Fund First Fundraiser

Film Fund First Fundraiser Event. We want to fund raise to buy our own film equipment and create a self substitutable alternative media in NYC.

Our Mission:
The film fund is a non profit organization whose mission is to inspire leaders to document the current issues facing their community as a method of raising awareness. We outreach to citizens through a door to door canvass operation gaining a personal trust by its members and inspiring them to participate in current community affairs. We visit neighborhoods per district and collect data concerning the issues that effect that particular area the most and follow up with a course of action designed by the local community members as a way to inspire self sustainability in neighborhoods. FILM also visits public schools and provides free training in either media or leadership development as a way to inform students on the truth about the school to prison pipeline. Essentially this will lead to town hall meetings, further documentation of issues through: PSA (Public Service Announcements) or short films as well as events in order to actively engage other communities to become the solution they wish to see in their district.

Our First Project:

A “Fresh Food Forum” in which members of the community and local farmers unite in order to bring organic produce to neighborhoods suffering from “Food Deserts”* by implementing progressive ideas ranging from “Rooftop Gardens to “Block Market Festivals”.

*A food desert is a district with little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet. Instead of such stores, these districts often contain many fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

For more info please email us at info@communityfilmfund.org or give us a call at 347-265-6379

Our website is: communityfilmfund.org