Fine Bros Controversial Copyright Claims

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We’ve all seen those goofy react videos on YouTube, whether it be Teens reacting to Five Nights at Freddy’s or Elderly reacting to Skrillex. These sort of videos have a lot of humor in them and I’ve been a fan of the YouTubers react series for a while now.

And then I learned something terrible.

YouTube is a platform for open creativity and it has boosted creativity and the world of gaming for the better. I’ve learned so many things from channels like Extra Credits and cried alongside Markiplier as he pours his heart out to his fans. Recently, I’ve taken an interest in the retro gaming space, curling up at night to the rants of AlphaOmegaSin or the antics of the Game Chasers. Even though these smaller channels lack views, I’ve always loved their genuine passion for making videos about gaming.

Speaking of the Game Chasers, one of the frequent guests is a guy known as 8-Bit Eric, who has been seeing moderate success with his parodies of the Fine Bros reaction videos. He reacts to the reactions with hilarious results.

Apparently Fine Bros didn’t find this as amusing as everyone else.

Fine Bros filed a copyright claim against 8-Bit Eric, forcing these videos to lose monetization and were straight up blocked globally.

This sort of conflict that tends to happen online is a classic case of cyber bullying. Eric was seeing some great feedback to his parody videos and people requested more. Fine Bros didn’t like its brand being belittled or the idea that Eric could make money off of this. So, they used their success to file the claim.

The internet as a whole has turned against the Fine Bros, with a subscriber count being streamed as it plummets.

What’s sad is that these content creators aren’t making a living off of YouTube. Most of them have to resort to Patreon or teaming up for larger projects, like selling DVDs. The smaller creators do often catch flak like this. AlphaOmegaSin has claimed to receive several nasty emails and death threats over the years, just because of saying what he thought of a situation.

Fair Use is a hard to define term, especially in the YouTube space. That very definition is what ruins a lot of perfectly good channels, who get slammed for just being creative. I can understand Fine Bros being upset at being made fun of and their footage being used in tandem with Eric’s, but there’s no need for this sort of childish backlash.

This hits home for me personally, as I’ve been watching the smaller channels affected for a couple years now. They’re constantly showing up in my feed, entertaining me to no end with their humble style. It also creates worry for my own channel and pursuits. What would happen if reaction videos could only be made by a select few? What about let’s play, or reviews by small outlets? I’d have to completely rethink how I approach videos for Giga and Forever Classic.


Rafi and Beni Fine created the Fine Bros React series to great success.

It’s sad, cause I’ve always thought pretty highly of the Fine Bros. They brought some great people into a larger creative outlet by association, resulting in some really cool Rewind videos and collaborations.

After many years of enjoying Fine Bros Entertainment, I will sadly be unsubscribing. Many will do the same.

In light of this event, I encourage everyone to find a smaller YouTube channel. Subscribe to them, engage in their content. It’s a rewarding experience and there are tons of amazing people who just need viewers or likes.  There may be many channels shut down for similar, asinine reasons. Enjoy them while they last.

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