Finding a New Love in Serenity

IMG_0225 (2)Georges Jeanty, artist of Dark Horse’s new Serenity mini-series, implied his process of learning to love again after hearing Rebekah Isaacs, the new artist, speak about being with his “old girlfriend”—the Buffy comics. At the New York Comic Con Panel, Whedonversity: A Look at the Future of Buffy and Serenity in Comics on Friday evening, Jeanty also joked that he considered staying on for one more year and then would have been on the comic as long as it was on the air. Instead, he jumped over to the recently announced Serenity series. The mini-series will pick up after the Patton Oswald one shot, Float Out. Fans who are missing the late pilot “Wash” were granted a tidbit as Dark Horse Editor in Chief, Scott Allie revealed, in response to a fan’s question, that the book will deal with Wash’s legacy IMG_0232 (2)through his wife, Zoe. When another member of the crowd asked what the fans needed to do to get more than a mini-series, Allie explained that while they all loved Firefly/Serenity, they currently had no plans to make the series a monthly. Allie elaborated that, for Joss, it’s about the story. When there are stories to tell, he will tell them. Jeanty, when asked about his move to Serenity, added that he’s been told there is a difference between Buffy fans and Browncoats but he has not yet encountered it. He will find out when Serenity takes the sky early next year .