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Fifa 14 Bundled Free With XBox One in EU And Demo Out Soon

During Gamescom in Germany over the last few days, EA has made several big announcements.  One of the biggest, especially for those living in European markets, was that Microsoft will be giving away copies of Fifa 14 with the Day One orders of the XBox One while supplies last (in countries where the console will still be released on time anyways).  As of yet, there has been no announcement about a similar deal for US markets, but rumors are a similar package may come to the US as well.  Possibly not Fifa 14, as Americans are not as fanatical about European football, but it is possible Americans may see a package with our brand of football in the Day One orders.  This was a smart move for Microsoft as they typically struggle with sales more in European markets and bundling this game in Day One additions could possibly bolster sales.


Fifa 14 will have a demo available for XBox 360, PS3 and PC on September 10th with full release in US markets on September 24th and September 27th in the EU markets.  For the first time ever EA has announced a release of the game on iOS and Android devices for free…yes ladies and gentlemen free to play on your hand held devices.