Feeling Groovy Baby?


Let me just start by saying I’m a little excited, you know why? Ash vs. The Evil Dead started Halloween weekend and it’s nothing short of fantastic, nostalgic, and had me absolutely enthralled. I don’t usually laugh or cry at what I watch, but I absolutely busted out at this series. Let me teach you a few things today; some groovy things.


In case you didn’t know about the evil dead (not the female-ash version) then shame on you! Get out there and watch The Evil Dead trilogy; there is a lot of Bruce Campbell’s glory there that you are missing. Anyway, here is a quick run-down of the story. A man and his friends spend the night in a cabin; they also find a strange book that happens to be bound in human skin and written in blood. This is the Necronomicon, which summons the evil dead, thanks to Ash and his friends. Ash gets tossed into the thick of it, cuts off his own hand, replaces it with a chainsaw, gets tossed into the past and sleeps until he’s back in his own time (or to some he “overslept” and went into a terrible desolate future). It’s simple to say it’s a crazy trip, and that Ash is an absolute idiot, this series is super corny, but badass none the less.

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The series is three episodes in right now and I’m very excited about each of them. The old musician, Joseph LoDuca, is back, Sam Rami is the director again, the deadites are creepy as ever and Ash wants nothing to do with it, at first. He ends up taking up the role of El Jefe (The Boss) and gets two odd allies in Pablo and Kelly (I feel like they are Ash, but split into two people). Ash jacks up the same type of store he did before. At this point he’s even killed his old boss, tossed on the old attire that has the complete chainsaw hand option, and is being his old slick self. The series starts off with Ash talking a lady at the bar into some bathroom fun. This went awkward really fast once a deadite showed its face in the lady . . . just watch it.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Pablo and Kelly are really getting a lot of my attention in this show too: Kelly, a young able-bodied lady who makes a short show of Ash at work, armed with whatever she can get her hands on; Pablo who apparently came from Honduras “New Jersey,” with some Uncle Abrujo issues, where he learned the stories of El Jefe, armed with his bottle (his hobo knife or busted glass bottle for stabbing). This is such a dysfunctional trio, and it makes you crawl with anticipation to see them all interact. This is the kind of combination that gets me into the story. The stuff that makes me want to move around and not sit still cause it’s too hard not to watch, and too hard to not feel like I am going to miss something spectacular.


I really enjoy the campy flair of the show so far. It has all the old glory of Evil Dead, and the silly aspects of Bruce Campbell I have come to love over the years. The fight sequences have the over the top slow motion and really strange deadite lines that are dumb, but so creepy. If you are in the mood for some horror with a mix of comedy, then definitely check this out. Be warned, there is a lot of blood, almost Quentin Tarantino-esq.

P.S. Who is this Fisher lady, and why does she only want to shoot Ash? She seems as dense as he is in some ways.