Fan-Powered He-Man Documentary Hits Kickstarter

Recently, Giga bore witness to the majesty that is Nintendo Quest, an excellent documentary detailing the story of one man seeking to collect every retail NES game. Rob McCallum and the gang will be working with the makers of another 80s pop-culture-fueled documentary, Turtle Power, a piece on the history and influence of the Ninja Turtles. Led by Randall Lobb, this influential team of film makers and fans seeks to bring the story behind He-Man, She-Ra and the rest of the Masters of the Universe in their newest project Power of Grayskull.


Power of Grayskull seeks to be the definitive source for the history of the iconic franchise including the vintage series, She-Ra, The New Adventures of He-Man, the 200x series and beyond. Not to mention everything that fans have created over the years, such as artwork, custom toys or viral internet sensations. He-Man and the Masters have been around since the 80s; there’s a ton of content out there to cover.

Wanting to find those behind the magic, the team seeks to learn from the top minds behind the franchise, those who brought the live action series to life and the former president of Mattel. An epic list of people set to help out in the film can be found on the project page on Kickstarter. Given the previous work in Nintendo Quest and Turtle Power, Power of Grayskull will dig deep into what makes He-Man special, with rare and exclusive content pulled into light whenever possible.

As shown by the awesome teaser trailer, this is a documentary project filled to the brim with love for the Masters of the Universe. It’s filmed and produced by fans for the fans, and with the crowd funding model it can be a reality from fan support. Provided the film reaches it goals, which looks likely, release is anticipated for 2017.

There’s no doubt that Power of Grayskull will be the ultimate documentary for the Masters of the Universe. Now, the project is left in the hands of the fans. You have the power.