Evans Dishes on New Torch

Is it me or does the only awesome news about the Fantastic Four reboot lie in Michael B. Jordan playing the Human Torch? At least on THAT point I got a heavy hitter in my corner.

It’s almost inevitable that a major comic book character will polarize fans when cast for the big screen, but Jordan brings an energy and confidence that is so perfect for this role it easily rivals the previous incarnation; at least according to said incarnation himself.

Chatting up the New York Daily News at the recent Winter Soldier junket, Evans gushed about the young actor stepping into the Storm-y shoes, saying:

I couldn’t even give that guy any advice if I wanted, that guy is so good. It’s exciting to see what he’s going to do, because I know he’s going to reinvent it in a way that I could never have imagined.

And when asked whether he feels proprietary or nostalgic toward the part:

It’s so funny, you almost feel precious over the role that you don’t want someone else to do it, but when you hear someone phenomenal is doing it, it’s very exciting like you almost can’t wait . . . It’s almost like we’re sharing, the character is ours. I feel like I’m connected with him in a way, it’s a nice feeling.

Of course he’s not gonna call the guy an A-hole, but it must be nice to have Captain America geek out about you taking his place. Although both those guys like to geek out on one another, as witnessed by this bromantic snaphot posted on Michael B. Jordan’s instagram this week.