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Enter the Tengrade

Tengrade is a tool that allows users to rate various things such as TV shows, movies, and games on a scale of, you guessed it, zero to ten. You can literally rate anything from something as vague as a pen to something as specific as Sal’s Italian Pizza (my awesome local pizza place). Another great feature is the ability to  compare how other users around the world—or just your friends—rate the things you rate and other things you like. If you’re skeptical about dropping the clams on that new game or trying out that new restaurant, then just check the ratings on it and see what others think about it.
Tengrade tornado
There is no app download or anything like that. You simply sign up on the Tengrade site and start giving out grades. Now I think the site is great with its fancy tornado graphs and what not, but the real potential here comes from linking your account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Once you do, you’ll have Tengrade on the go. Simply add a Startag (a star followed by a number from zero to ten) after any hashtag and your grade will be recorded, e.g. #Deadpool *10. If you want to know what the world thinks of Deadpool, simply swap out the number for a question mark like so, #Deadpool *? and Tengrade will send you the ratings.

#Deadpool: The World – 10; My Gender – 10; My Age Group – 10

I’m a sucker for stats and ratings so Tengrade really does speak to me and makes me want to use it. I think it has great potential and could definitely be a great add-on, more so for Twitter users than the Facebook crowd. The downside I see is if it really catches on, my news feed is going to be full of Startags.

#SeanyFlamingo *10