Dads Rock, nuff said.

Y’know, I work pretty hard; I run a video game development company, I’m involved with economic stimulus, community services, mentoring, I’m a damn good cook of fine cuisine, I’m an artist, writer, and a bunch of other cool stuff… but the job I have that I find to be the most awesome is: being a full-time Dad (also known in my Puerto Rican household as “Papi”).  I have two daughters so 88% of my house is pink, I have cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cleaned house, washed clothes, changed Pampers, gotten my toe nails done, worn a princess crown and tutu, slain dragons hiding underneath beds and frightened away monsters waiting in closets, I have had to shuffle at a toddlers pace so as not to move to fast for my little one, dropped a tear or two when my daughter performed her first dance recital and also had to carry all of my children as they slept. I’ve dealt with teenage angst and unpredictability, and was there to support my wife in her career choice. I teach and prepare my children to become infinitely more awesome than I am. I am proud to endorse this video and product, and most of all, the message it conveys. Kudos Generals Mills.


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