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Cosplay Spotlight: Emily Wallin

Name:  Emily / Luna Lady of Light Cosplay

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Cosplay achievements:

 Runner Up World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2015, First Place Finalist for the US World Cosplay Summit in 2013 and 2014.

Honorable Mention Craftsmanship Youmacon 2008
Best Novice Performance Youmacon 2010
Best Journeyman Craftsmanship JAFAX 2012
Cosplay Shinkou Best Overall Craftsmanship 2012
Best Master Performance Colossalcon 2013
Limelight Masquerade Best Overall Craftsmanship Summer 2013
Best in Show Godaikocon 2013
Best Master Craftsmanship Kaizokucon 2013
Best Master Craftsmanship Hallway Competition Youmacon 2013
Best in Show Youmacon 2013
Best of Friday Hall Craftsmanship Youmacon 2014
US WCS Qualifier Win Midwest Media Expo 2015
First Place Anime Park Con 2015

When was your first cosplay and what did you pick?:

Anime Central 2007 in Chicago, IL.

Super Sailor Moon from the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S Manga

 What inspired you to get into cosplay?

In 1999 my family got a computer. I had gotten into Sailor Moon as a young child and was inspired by the people I saw on the internet dressed as the characters. They were amazing and I wanted to be like them.

 What is the piece you are most proud of?

 I am most proud of my Kohane Tsuyuri costume from xxxHOLIC. Not only is it my most elaborate costume, but it was a true group effort between my best friend Karmada Cosplay and myself. There was nothing on those costumes that was not crafted from scratch. We made every single piece.

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Takiko Okuda photo by Karen Santora (Liquid Cocaine Photography)

Who is your dream team to work on a cosplay with?

 My friend Karmada Cosplay. She and I are very alike in our approach to things in the way we analyse them. She and I balance things between each other because we share common knowledge and then each has a strong suit in an area the other considers a weakness.

What is a typical day in the life of you when working on a cosplay?

 I go to work, come home, eat dinner, and then I’ll get to work. I’ll listen to an audiobook or play Netflix on my tablet as I’m working.  My cat, Chester, is always there to assist me.

 How long does it take to do an average cosplay?

 It depends on the project. I’ve spent anywhere from a week up to 6-10 months working through the entire process from conception to realization.

What is the process how do you start from picking out the cosplay to finally wearing it?

 I choose costumes based on love of the character and love of the design. Another deciding factor is how inspired the series makes me for a performance or skit. Usually I’ll see something I like, then I’ll break down each piece, decide if it will flatter me, and what I would need to do to create it. Then I make lists. I follow the lists as I build and check things off as I go.

 Who are your inspirations?

 I know a lot of really talented cosplayers. The ones that I would say inspire me the most would be Elrowiel and Pannon, Cupcake Cosplay, God Save the Queen, and Volpin Props.

 What is the current project you are working on?

The Snow from Cardcaptor Sakura.

 What is your dream project?

Currently it is Princess Asseylum vers Allusia from Aldnoah Zero.


Alice Liddell photo by Karen Santora (Liquid Cocaine Photography)

 If you could pick anyone to act as your mentor, who would it be? God Save the Queen or Volpin Props. They are both fantastic artists that do incredible work.

How has the industry changed since you first started?

I would say that it has changed in that it has become an industry. Cosplay was not an industry back in the 2000’s. It was difficult to find wigs in odd colors, tutorials and educational publications were not nearly as easy to find, a lot of things had to be figured out on your own. It is now a lot more accessible, meaning that anyone can find a tutorial for just about anything on the internet, wigs come in a rainbow of colors, and it is much easier to buy fabric and materials on the internet.

How do you feel about the change to mainstream thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory and the movies now in the cinema like Spider-Man and Batman vs Superman?

 It’s good in that we have a bigger market of materials, wigs, fabrics, etc to choose from. My only issue is the objectification of cosplayers’ bodies. It can sometimes feel like the hobby is no longer about the craft or the costume, but about the body underneath the costume. There is a lot more pressure in the community to look like a bikini model than there was 8 years ago. I’ve had younger, plus-sized cosplayers tell me that I am a huge inspiration to them because of what I have accomplished in the community. It is sad to me that they think their size limits them. Cosplay is about having fun, and the only thing that should limit you is whether you’re having fun or not.

What is your cosplay pet peeve?

Seeing a great costume on someone that is not ironed or pressed.

 Anything extra you would like to share:

Cosplay is a fun and challenging hobby. I see it as an opportunity to expand my skills and I enjoy learning new things about new materials.


Emmeryn, Queen of Ylisse photo by Mary Cochran Photography

Fun time:

Who is your favourite cosplay character?

I love seeing cosplays of Yuuko from xxxHOLIC. She has so many outfits that almost every time I see a Yuuko they’re in a different costume.

Who is your favourite author(books)?

 Charlaine Harris (Southern Vampire Mysteries).

What is your favourite movie?

The Harry Potter films.

What is your favourite band/music artist?

I love 80’s music, so pretty much anything 80’s.

What is a quirk you have (like dipping fries into chocolate Sunday)?

 I have anxiety about opening gifts in front of people because sometimes my face gives me away.

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Kohane Tsuyuri photo by Chris Wiggins (CosIT Photography)


Day or night


Star trek or Star Wars         

Star Wars

Coffee or Tea


Summer or Winter


Cats or dogs


Batman or Superman


Movies or a Book


Pizza or Burgers


Coke or Pepsi


 You can see more of Emily’s work on Facebook,  acparadise or follow her on Twitter


Next project release date of current project: 10/31/15 Youmacon in Detroit, MI.