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Aaron Einhorn
Welcome everyone to another fantastic Friday! Stephanae here bringing you more within the cosplay realm! As great heroes go, nothing beats it more than ones goal to aid to the ones in need more than anything, with Heroes Alliance it does just that. Aaron Einhorn is one of the proud members of the esteemed group of heroic doers. Taking the time to give back to the community with events, fundraising and making wishes come true to the generations at hand, so without further talk from me! Let’s get to the interview!



GIGA: What inspired you to come up with this style/idea, and can you briefly tell us how you came up with some of you costumes?

AARON: Almost all of my costumes have been superheroes or other comic characters. I’ve had a love of comics ever since I was a small boy, and being able to bring them to life is a thrill. I hadn’t done any costumes for almost a decade, and then got really out of shape. Creating my Superman costume was a chance to motivate me to get back into shape. While I’ve got a Jedi knight somewhere, most of my costumes really stay focused on superheroes.

GIGA: What’s the most memorable moment while cosplaying that you all have experienced?

AARON As a part of the Heroes Alliance Ohio, I’ve had some incredible moments with kids when they totally light up at meeting Superman (or other characters with the group.) The little ones really buy it – you’re not a costumer with a good outfit, you *are* that character to them. The most memorable would be while leaving my hotel at SDCC, I walked out and a wind caught my cape then I heard a little girl excitedly yell at her dad and point at me from across the street. “Daddy, daddy, it’s Super!” and then literally caught her breath before being able to continue. A close second would be at a Heroes Alliance event where a little boy had lost his mom, and the organizers asked me to stay with the kid until they found her. He was crying his eyes out, but was totally calmed down when told Superman would stay with him until his mom returned.”

GIGA: How many conventions/events do you attend annually?

AARON: Most years I get out to SDCC, and I usually attend Origins, GenCon, Marcon and Wizard World Ohio Comic Con. I try to add one more big con a year. Two years ago it was NYCC, last year it was C2E2, and this year it’ll be DragonCon. With the Heroes Alliance, we usually hit 12-20 events a year across the state.

GIGA: Cosplayer’s as well, what certain Genre/Character’s do you all enjoy the most?

AARON: I love seeing cosplayers of all stripes, but for me, it’s all focused on superheroes.

GIGA: Besides your Facebook page, what other ways can people follow/like or simply enjoy your Costuming entertainment?
AARON: My costumes can all be seen in the galleries of the Heroes Alliance Ohio at

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Aaron Einhorn is a 35 year-old costumer who dipped his toe into costuming with a few superhero costumes (Green Lantern, Space Ghost and Citizen V) in high school, and then took over a decade off. A desire to get back in shape led to his restarting costuming with Superman, and then later Ultimate Spider-Man, Batman and now US Agent. Shortly after making his first new suit, Aaron got involved with the Heroes Alliance and is the founder and branch leader for the Ohio branch of that organization.