Stephanae Turner’s – Comics 101

Stephanae here swinging by with another spectacular Comics 101. We have today some amazing issues being thrown our way in every universe, now, it’s the day after and some of you may have splurged your wallets… But If you have just few extra bucks stuck between those cushions at home, grab and go!

Bringing in the pack of stellar wonders is a final hoorah in The New 52’s Series, Deathstroke #20. Now to all you Slade fans out there in hopes of this issue going out with a bang will surely put you on the edge but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it…too much. Now here’s the good one this one, first off we have the visual alignment of sheer amazing storyboarding from the illustrations’, the case of dilemma after dilemma in a nonstop emotional battle, and of course the above all ending with heroes over coming great odds off of mere nothing. Now the bad in it is for the fans whom have read the issues previously, knowing the full in and out and of course the jaw dropping ending off the last issue. Well this Intel’s as a rather lackluster piece which it being what it is should have left a better taste in the mouth, above all it is something you should definitely go out pick up!

Next is a big sensation in the comic book world with nonstop amazing reviews left and right, its Marvels Alpha: Big Time #4. With Alpha continuing his feat of regaining his powers basically comes across Thor for some very interesting times. The good on this one is just about everything, from the new hero finally facing new threats, to being the perfect flawed character for all of us to come and love. Now mind you Thor is nothing more to this issue that a simple guest star with his outrageous cross over. Yet still Fialkov has made a character that is so easily understood makes adding the plots constantly twist and veer just that much better, So basically on this one…. Buy it! It’s well worth the cash in the couch!

Last off we have an iconic issue that of course is going to and will be loved by everyone…EVERYONE… is the Star Wars #5. As usual, you’re going to want to sit down for this one as this issue is jam packed with continuous subplots at every turn. Still seeing the tale of a possible traitor in the Rebel Midst is what causes some of the stir yet the battles with Boba Fett, Leia, and of course Vader with all his nonsense and obsessions makes this the issue as Star Wars fans been waiting for. I can’t say to much more on this or it will ruin what amazing adventures lies ahead, so as always you just owe it to yourself to buy this issue!

Well that’s it from me ladies and gents until next time, may the shwartz be with you……