Closing Moment For Every Best Picture Oscar Winner

Making a movie feel, look, and sound really good usually requires a great closing shot: a lingering image that either haunts the mind or carries the momentum for hundreds of discussion hours to come. If the movie itself is truly great, generally the final moment is simply unforgettable.

The folks at The Final Image, a spot dedicated to study and highlight such final frames (if there’s a whole cable channel dedicated to nothing but food, why not this?), put together an impressive and geek-tastic video montage comprised of the 86 closing images of each and every Best Picture Oscar winner since 1928. All of them starting with 12 Years a Slave and ending with . . . nah, not gonna tell. See if you can name them all!

Here’s that awesome montage courtesy of the folks at Devour. Then hit the comments with your score out of 86. I got 79, booyah!