Cinema Sit-Down: Man of Steel

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Author – William R. Llaneras

Cinema Sit-Down

Man of Steel Review
By: William R. Llaneras

 So I had Just gotten back from a late screening of “Man of Steel”, when it sunk in; “I LOVED IT”!

This is not your father’s Superman. This wasn’t a remake, it was an entire re-imagining of the character. The same way Christopher Nolan re-imagined the Dark Knight, and the same way Marvel re-imagined the Amazing Spider-Man in 2012.  This movie was the most “realistic” version of Superman to ever hit the screen, and the best acted. Every character from Russell Crowe’s “Jor-El”, to Michael Shannon’s “General Zod”, to Amy Adams’ “Lois Lane”, down to Christopher Meloni’s “Colonel Hardy” and Kevin Costner’s “Jonathan Kent” were exceptional!

I did have a slight problem with Diane Lane’s “Martha Kent”, but I blame the writing, not the actress; her acting was incomparable.  As for the Man of Steel himself, let me say this… Christopher Reeve was, is, and will always be my favorite Superman. With that being said, Henry Cavill did a hell of a great job distinguishing himself as the new Man of Steel.

The same way Andrew Garfield put his own stamp on his role as the new Spider-Man. I know some people (most likely over zealous comic book fans) will bitch about this and that, while finding flaws here and there. No matter what the nit-pickers say, it’s hard to deny this is (by far) the greatest Superman film of all-time; and don’t even get me stated on Hans Zimmer’s awesome score!   Thumbs Up!


Written By: William Rick Llaneras

edited By:   J.A.Montemoiño


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