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Captain America – What Happened!?

On Wednesday May 25, 2016, patriotic comic lovers the world over discovered that  their beloved American hero and patron saint, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is a secret member of Hydra, the nefarious group who played a major role in WWII Axis forces.  According to Marvel “Hydra is a world-wide subversive organization dedicated to global domination. […]


Dads Rock, nuff said.

Y’know, I work pretty hard; I run a video game development company, I’m involved with economic stimulus, community services, mentoring, I’m a damn good cook of fine cuisine, I’m an artist, writer, and a bunch of other cool stuff… but the job I have that I find to be the most awesome is: being a […]

What the Heck? About the National Debt

    At this moment the US owes China about $1.28 trillion, that’s right, $1,280,000,000,000.  This, however, only represents about 8% of the national debt.  China is the biggest overseas creditor. The total debt to other parts of the federal government is $4.76 trillion which is 28.4% of the total debt. The biggest creditor of […]

15 Things You Should Know About the Government Shutdown

    The government shut down was a result of Congress not passing the spending bills necessary to fund the government.  Some shut downs include Smithsonian museums, loan agencies, NIH clinical trials, and national security personal.  The military, Congress, and the President still get paid. I don’t know why but the government’s fiscal year is […]

Syria Obama

UTS Highlight – Syria and Middle East Conflict?