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Levl Up Bros Seeks to Make a Home for Early Access Titles

Early Access titles seem to be what all the cool kids are doing in the game designing world for better, but more often for worse. From the excellent uses of the system found in Starbound to the terrible lack of attention that destroyed The Stomping Land, Early Access as a term comes with a bit […]


Cloud Storms into Battle!

“I’d never thought I’d see the day.” Truer words have never been said. With Street Fighter creeping into the latest Super Smash Bros, alongside the fan voting system that was finalized in October, there are some crazy things in store for the Nintendo celebratory fighting game. Sure, I’ve seen Cloud of Final Fantasy VII in […]


Metroid: The Sky Calls

Fan films, as I have discovered before, can capture what makes these honored franchises so special. Metroid: The Sky Calls is a short film by Rainfall Films. The film portrays Samus in way that kind of heals the wounds left by Other M. Rainfall also does a great job of keeping space mysterious, with more focus on the locale than the action.

Check out this awesome fan film before Nintendo takes it down.


How Nintendo Could Make A MOBA

Gaming trends come and go. Hell, when Doom appeared, developers frantically emulated that iconic first person style. For many years, FPS games were referred to as Doom Clones. When a game truly perfects a style and is wildly successful, developers will inevitably put their own spin on it or sometimes shamefully try to make a […]


Remembering Satoru Iwata

Nintendo has always been full of quirky folks, ones who have overwhelmed these many years of gaming with an abundance of creativity and whimsy. Unfortunately, there’s only so much a single person can contribute. On July 11, 2015, Satoru Iwata suddenly passed away from an illness that he had seemingly defeated. He was 55. While […]