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Final Fantasy Explorers – Inspired, but Lacking

Before cutting into the newest spin-off game of the Final Fantasy franchise, let’s take a look at its obvious inspiration, Monster Hunter. Capcom’s Monster Hunter is about hunting monsters (surprise, surprise) with different weapon types and using pieces of those monsters to make better equipment to in turn kill bigger monsters. The games are usually set […]


A Whole Bunch of Character Based Multiplayer Games

This year looks to be a competitive year in the multiplayer space. The past few years have shown the rise of E-Sports centered on MOBAs, creating some of the most exciting and memorable moments in gaming history. Looking to cash in on this action, or looking to innovate, many large gaming companies have invested in […]


Street Fighter V Cinematic Story Mode Coming This Summer!

Great news, Street Fighters! Capcom announced recently in a new press release that the PS4 exclusive Street Fighter V will have a “cinematic story mode” as a free update this summer. Not only that, but each character’s individual stories—i.e. the stories for each one in the arcade mode, most likely—will serve as prologues to this […]


Alex’s Top 5 Games of 2015

This year has brought all sorts of great design and excellent experiences through a multitude of titles. From fighting off beasts to fulfilling the childhood dream of creating levels, gaming has seen some truly awesome innovations. Reflection is an important part of advancement. Therefore, I’ve collected my favorite games released this year. Note, the games in […]


Paladins: First Impressions with the Beta

It’s no mystery that I am a huge fan of Smite by HiRez Studios. Many tireless hours have been spent dropping the hammer as Thor or opening the pits of the underworld as Anubis. Even though I shy away from the usual MOBA fair, Smite does a great job of blending action, quirky characters and […]