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Sitting in a darkened room, with the sounds of Shrek creeping through a wooden door in Sydney, NS Kane is typing away at a keyboard, plotting  a plot. New to comics, she is an aspiring writer from the Land Down Under and is hoping to become another Australia comic-success story, following in the foot steps […]


ARTIST ALLEY: Taylor Esposito

When most people think of comics, they think of the writers, the artists, the covers and the colors. More often than not, there is still a team vital to a comic that is not  remembered. One of these is the Letterer, without whom there would be nothing to read. I decided to have an interview […]

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Artist Alley: Dan Mora

Dan Mora is an up and coming artist  with Boom Comics. Coming straight from Hexed, he is now signed on for the up and coming series Klaus. I have had the wonderful privilege of being able to chat with Dan many times. Now that Hexed is over, I thought this would be a great time to […]

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GIGA Adventures: New York Comic Con 2013

Crash Pad: Geek Memoirs By: Jacques A. Montemoiño Far beyond the level of excitement to be expected from such a thrilling event as the New York Comic Convention, is the challenge of trying to accurately express how exhilarating my time there was in “words” but I will do my best. During my journalism phase, I’ve […]

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New York Comic Con and GIGA Geek Magazine – Galactus Challenge

Galactus Challenge – For those of you at New York Comic Con October 11th – 12th Where’s Hawk Girl and Where’s Galactus!? – Find our new publisher, Stephanae Turner in her god-like awesomeness walking around the convention floor.  When you spot Stephanae Turner in Galactus cosplay, walk up to her and yell loudly like a […]