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GIGA Meme Cinema 1

Cinema Sit-Down – Favorite Movie?

GIGA Meme Cinema 1

Revolver X Katana Episode 2: A Slight Complication

“ I told ya he was a chiseler, and he’s a china man now get ‘em both!” Michael shouted. “I am Japanese!” Hasame yelled, offended. The townsfolk came runnin’ towards us at Michael’s command. It was like a stampede as the dozens of feet of the rampagin’ townsfolk slammed on the ground. Nothin’ was stoppin’ […]

Revolver X Katana: Episode 1 Enter the Eastern Wind

“Ya God damned, yella belly, chiseler!” Michael, the town priest, bellowed at me. “You had cards up yer sleeves the whole game!” By this time, after about two dollars worth of whiskey was in ‘em, I reckoned Michael was full as a tick, and he was just creatin’ a fuss to cover his losses. Unfortunately […]