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Alex’s Top Game Boy Advance Rom Hacks

No matter where one stands on the idea of emulators, no one can ignore just how cool they are. I discovered this wonder about eight years ago and I’ve been an advocate since. While scouring the web in my youth, I discovered something even better than being able to play Pokémon on my laptop. Budding […]


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – More Excellent Remakes from Nintendo

Nintendo has a knack for creating fantastic remakes that ooze nostalgia, but still hold up among other games. One of my favorite DS games was Pokemon Soul Silver, due to my love for the original Silver Version and from just awesome content overall. Now a new game has crested the horizon. I got to play […]


The Evil Within: Mikami’s “Revival” of Survival Horror

Over the past few months, I’ve done a grand tour of the horror genre. Whether that’s seeking out Silent Hill 2 at my favorite game store or watching Markiplier plod through indie games, I’ve come to understand what makes horror games great and what can bring them down. All of these thoughts, themes, tropes, and […]


Final Fantasy XV: It’s been a long time coming…

Information on the newest Final Fantasy game has been sparse at best. As a long time fan, I drool over anything Square Enix puts out, but for the past five years or so I haven’t had the same hype I used to have. My first PlayStation game was Final Fantasy VII, what many consider to […]

Mega Charizard X by Mylafox

Mega-Evolution is NOT a Fad

Mega-Evolution was thought to be an exclusive mechanic of Pokemon X and Y. Yet, as Nintendo continues to show, haters of Mega-Evolution will have to deal with it, because it’s not going anywhere soon. For those who ignored the newest Pokemon games, Mega-Evolution is a power granted to specific species of Pokemon that pushes their […]