Brotherly Love


Regardless of personal favorites, we can all agree that Christmas dinner at the Manning’s home has to be filled with plenty of trash talk, bragging, and brotherly love.  With 3 rings between the 2 of them, and a father that played behind perhaps one of the worst offensive lines in NFL history for 10 years, there has to be plenty of football conversation going on behind the scenes.

Although Archie Manning had 9 losing seasons in his 10 year career as quarterback with the Saints, he was still a very respected player amongst his peers.  He also raised 2 world champion quarterbacks, in Eli and Peyton.  This has left a question pre-destined to be asked once the two of them joined the NFL: Which brother is better?

Ex New York Giant Tiki Barber, had always questioned the leadership of Eli Manning, and since Peyton joined the NFL first, he set the “standard” Eli would have to live up to.  All through his college career as an Ole Miss Rebel, scouts and professional writers always had this to say about Eli: “He’s good, but he is no Peyton Manning”.  Tiki agreed with this statement, originally, but has a change of tune about it now.  After watching Eli Manning’s successful playoff runs, and a game ending, need to score drive in super bowl XLII against the Patriots, and then defeating the patriots again in XLVI, outshining Tom Brady both times by winning the MVP awards, how could you not agree that you cannot spell the word Elite, without Eli.

images   Super Bowl XLII

Peyton Manning has to be one of, if not the best of all time at reading the defense pre-snap, calling audible’s and hot routes at the line of scrimmage, as well as changing the protection, to protect himself from the blitz.  However, once it comes time for the post season, Peyton seems to get rattled and lose the best of his qualities.  Peyton has a losing post season record at 9-11, with 8 “one and done” playoff appearances, and only 1 super bowl ring to show off.  Not the outcome you would expect from a 4 time league MVP, a 2 time best NFL player ESPY award winner, and a 12 time Pro Bowl starting QB.

So, in a professional game, what means the most? Individual stats? Or championships?  These questions can be debated until the end of time, but what it comes down to is “What is your job?”  Your job as an NFL quarterback is to win games, and win championships.  That being said, I would have to agree with Tiki on this one.  When it comes down to “win or go home” and clutch plays in the big game to win the championship, Eli has outshined his older brother Peyton by a long shot.  Only time will tell if Peyton can win 2 more championships, and outshine his brother in the end.  He is certainly in a very good spot to accomplish this with the Denver Broncos, but we will see.

Super-Bowl-XLII-New-York-Giants-vs-New-England-Patriots-in-Glendale-Arizona_2_display_imageEli-Manning-Super-Bowl-46-MVP    SB-Manning







SGN Chief correspondent Anthony Andrews