Blizzard’s Absurdly Good Customer Service

After my girlfriend procured the Summon Loot Crate, I was left with the stuff she didn’t want. There were two things she tossed to me: a Hearthstone stress ball, shaped like the stone that has teleported many a WoW player to sanctuary; and a Hearthstone coin with a free pack of cards on the back. I let those free pack of cards sit for about a week before I decided to fire up my old account and sling some cards around. It was then that I ran into a bit of a roadblock. . .


I get locked out of my account a lot. . .

Unfortunately, hasn’t been a service I’ve kept up with. The last time I tried to make an account, I had to create a new email, which is never fun. Frustrated and wanting to use my normal email, I hopped into Blizzard’s Customer Service Chat, looking to get my password reset.

Awesomely enough, the helpful folks behind this service role-play the whole situation. These Game Masters choose names that would fit among the people of Azeroth and use dialect when typing. It took a bit of poking around, but after some time, we finally got my account linked to my preferred email. While opening up my Hearthstone client, a thought occurred to me.

Game Masters usually speak in character, making that experience more personalized.

Game Masters usually speak in character, making that experience more personalized.

“Can you help me get into my old World of Warcraft account? I kinda want to see how my old Rogue is doing,” I asked the Game Master with obvious doubt.

The Game Master said, “Sure, just give me your character’s name and any other detail you can remember. We’ll try to find him.” Of course, I spouted everything I could remember. Sardeth is a Forsaken Rogue who I hadn’t seen since 2003. I had only spent about four months in Azeroth before moving on to other games, but I had fond memories of following my friend through dungeons, picking up stuff everyone else wanted. They called me a Ninja or something, it’s been so long.

Sardeth's adventures were happening right as the Lich King grew to power.

Sardeth’s adventures were happening right as the Lich King grew to power.

After about twenty minutes of playing practice matches in Hearthstone, the Game Master came back with, “I think I found something. It appears that a few years ago Sardeth was stolen from your account by a hacker.”

Being that I hadn’t much attachment to anything that character had, I wasn’t surprised or upset. “Tell you what,” the Game Master said, “Let me transfer him and your other characters to your preferred account.”

Blown. Away.

Blown. Away.

Needless to say, I was blown away by this service. I asked about Sardeth on a whim, not caring if it couldn’t be done, but on sheer curiosity. The Game Master assured me that, “Sardeth is alive and well. Well, as much as an Undead can be. . .”

Azeroth's Undead have always been a lively bunch.

Azeroth’s Undead have always been a lively bunch.

This whole endeavor happened around 2 a.m. Not sure what time it was there, but the fact that Blizzard’s services are this helpful gave me a new respect for the company. Just because of this Game Master’s kind gesture, I’ll be logging into World of Warcraft soon for a long awaited visit with an old friend.

It has been many years, my friend.

It has been many years, my friend.

Blizzard has the best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with. My thanks knows no bounds. Helping players out, especially when it comes to an MMORPG, is an aspect Game Designers and companies need to take into great consideration. Blizzard makes for an excellent role model.