Big Bad Bosses – A Music Team Up of Gaming Proportions

Being the savy game journalist that I am, I would be failing all of my readers if I ignored what is created by gamers. Sure, the world of gaming is built on the minimalist approach of Shigeru Miyamoto or the world building of Todd Howard, but everyday, in unique ways, gamers themselves build on the foundation laid by the greats.

Sites like Youtube, Twitch and Facebook spawned the likes of Jirard the Completionist, Pewdiepie and more. These talented gamers often take their love of digital worlds into other areas of expertise like video creation, writing (cough cough) and even game design.

Music has also been a popular outlet of creation for gamers: the pounding raps of Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan in Starbomb to the somber tones of Lindsey Stirling. The amount of excellence in these works is astounding, trumping professional audio productions and even outselling some of the most popular acts of our time.

A new collaboration effort seeks to join these phenomenal music works with an A-list of talented gamers and composers behind the helm. Behold the Big Bad Bosses‘ first album, Power Overwhelming, a gaming tribute pop album with raps and rocking melodies. The parody album gives some of our favorite villains a voice, which  features the skills of Jake Kaufman of Shovel Knight and Double Dragon Neon glory, Jirard Kahlil, Alex Faciane, Satchell Drakes and Nate Sharp.

Gaming culture has evolved drastically from the defiant file sharers of early PC gaming. Now, gamers dominate media, just as authors and film producers did. This movement not only helps gamers branch into professional skills, but also shows just how much video games have become a influential medium as a whole. Games used to be the root cause of evil, as Doom was linked to violent crimes and Grand Theft Auto taking the stand after each release, but there is so much more available.

Video games are a medium worth defending. Gamers like the Big Bad Bosses are leading the movement in a dynamic way.

To snag the new album, head over to the official site of That One Video Gamer’s merchandise, Yetee. Or, find them on iTunes and the Google Play store.