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Party Up With the Pocket Party

Music is life. There is very little in life that can’t be made better with some good music in the background. With the increased storage space on memory cards, smart phones, and iPods, we’re carrying around entire festivals worth of music with us at all times. What good is all that music if you can’t […]


Indie Watch: Outer Heaven

If you are anything like me, the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain was the sharpest double edged sword you’ve ever been cut by. You finally get to play  a masterful peace of art that is rewarding down to the soul.  A true feeling of control in every situation and creating your own […]


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Avengers

So, the wonderful people at DK publishing teamed up with Marvel to release Marvel’s The Avenger’s Encyclopedia. Granted, when you see the word encyclopedia, “fun” is probably the furthest thing from one’s mind, but reading is fundamental, right? It is just what it says it is: a comprehensive look at one of Marvel’s most expansive and […]

KontrolFreek Grips

KontrolFreek Grips Are a Solid Purchase

KontrolFreek has released a new product called KontrolFreek Grips, “. . . a multi-layer controller overlay that adheres directly to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers.” To get straight to the point, the grips are pretty solid. From NBA 2k15 to Elder Scrolls Online, Batman: Arkham Knight to Battlefield: Hardline, not a single time did my […]


The Fourth is All Around Us

For any PS Vita owners out there, you can get your Star Wars fill for $20. Three Battlefront games (Renegade Squadron, Elite Squadron and Battlefront 2), Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Lego Star Wars 3 and Star Wars: the Force Unleashed are all bundled together ready to steal hours of your life. To be fair, […]