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Classic games are my inspiration. Many of those games hold design elements that are blatantly ignored in modern games. Doesn't mean I'll ignore new titles, but I will reject play requests to spend time with my SNES.
songbringer title screen

Songbringer Preview – An Epic, Pixelated Adventure

Giga Geek Magazine was gifted with access to an early build of the game. All of the opinions in this article are for that early version, some things are subject to change as more is developed. Independent developers never cease to amaze me. Some of my favorite games of all time have come from these […]


NoScope Gaming Glasses – Gimmick?

Professional gaming used to be a thing made fun of by most entertainment platforms. Back in the early 2000s, the only ones who dared broadcast high level competitive gaming was G4. Most “pro” gaming took place during LAN parties in organized events like the legendary, high-profile Doom deathmatch tourneys or the underground Super Smash Bros […]


Final Fantasy Explorers – Inspired, but Lacking

Before cutting into the newest spin-off game of the Final Fantasy franchise, let’s take a look at its obvious inspiration,¬†Monster Hunter. Capcom’s Monster Hunter is about hunting monsters (surprise, surprise) with different weapon types and using pieces of those monsters to make better equipment to in turn kill bigger monsters. The games are usually set […]


Fine Bros Controversial Copyright Claims

WARNING – This article contains content with obscenities. The opinions of those featured are not associated with Giga Geek Magazine. The opinions of the author belong solely to the author. We’ve all seen those goofy react videos on YouTube, whether it be Teens reacting to Five Nights at Freddy’s or Elderly reacting to Skrillex. These […]


A Whole Bunch of Character Based Multiplayer Games

This year looks to be a competitive year in the multiplayer space. The past few years have shown the rise of E-Sports centered on MOBAs, creating some of the most exciting and memorable moments in gaming history. Looking to cash in on this action, or looking to innovate, many large gaming companies have invested in […]