Atlus Being Bought-Out by SEGA?


Atlus’ parent company, Index Corporation, recently filed for civil rehabilitation (basically filing for bankruptcy in United States terms). Somewhere in the ballpark of 20 companies have placed bids to purchase Index Corporation, but according to Bloomberg, SEGA Sammy Holdings Inc. (SEGA’s parent company) has won an auction to purchase Index for ¥14 billion (around $141 million US).


Atlus may not be a huge publisher here in the states, but they put out some quality titles. These titles do sell best in China and Japan, but the Shin Megami Tensei series (along with its Persona spin-off series) have garnered much love here in North America over the past few years. Atlus also publishes beloved games like Etrian Odyssey and Trauma Center and even some cult-classics like CatherineDemon’s SoulsMetal Slug XXGame of Thrones (the game), The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and most recently Dragon’s Crown.


With many Japanese publishers struggling to sell games on a global scale, maybe SEGA’s acquisition of Atlus is for the best. Atlus put out some spectacular games, but failed to achieve the sales needed to keep the company afloat. Maybe with the SEGA branding, Persona can finally become as big as it should be.

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