Kane cosplaying as Batwoman. Picture by George Wong

Kane cosplaying as Batwoman. Picture by George Wong

Sitting in a darkened room, with the sounds of Shrek creeping through a wooden door in Sydney, NS Kane is typing away at a keyboard, plotting  a plot. New to comics, she is an aspiring writer from the Land Down Under and is hoping to become another Australia comic-success story, following in the foot steps of people like Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us) and Nicola Scott (Black Magick).

Pages of Seamstress comic


What is your current project?

The project is called Seamstress, and it’s about two seamstresses who work for both heroes and villains in their world, creating the famous outfits that they wear.

What inspired you to work in comics?

Actually my partner Kate did since she is an actual seamstress in her spare time. When I was sitting in my lounge with a friend, he turned around while watching her run back and forth carrying cups of coffee and said “you are a human sewing machine that runs on coffee.” At that moment I bolted to the computer and started writing, two years later Polli and Cassi were born.

What is the piece you are most proud of?

Well I love my Seamstress very very much but I’m equally as proud of my next project coming up called Toxicity, which is outside my comfort zone, but challenges me as a writer to really think outside the box.

Who is your dream team to work on a comic with?

Greg Rucka, JH Williams, Dan Mora, Blond the colourist, Rex Locus, Nicola Scott, Marguerite Sauvage, Stjepan Šejić, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado. Lol and that’s just for a start!

What is a typical day in the life of you when working on comics?

Well I go to work, whine for half the day that I’m not writing comics, then I find a few minutes to jot down a rough outline of my ideas for either a plot line or a 22 page issue. Then I usually come home and start loading the notes into a pretty format that looks cleaner before I realize I have made so many spelling mistake and spend the rest of the night cleaning them up.

nyteowl comic cover

Nyteowl: written by NS Kane

How long does it take to do a single issue script?

Depends on the script, sometimes I’m not feeling the mojo and it takes weeks, and sometimes it could take me less than three hours to knock out the script. But nothing is perfect, so I like to usually take a week to have some time to read then re-read it making sure everything is sitting right.

What is the process?

Usually loads of coffee is a good start, but I don’t do anything without music, it’s definitely a must for me to be in the writing mood. Then I sit down with my templated format and my rough plan to start writing away.

Who are your inspirations?

Greg Rucka is my biggest inspiration followed by Michael Alan Nelson and Tom Taylor. All these men really do give me hope that you can do what you dream, that you can write what you want and that even being from Australia will not limit you to reach the biggest comic companies across the world.

What is your dream project?

To write for Batwoman. That’s my biggest goal in my life, since she started me on this comic journey, and she is where I want to be. I want to give her a new life and the passion that she restored back to me.

art by NSkane

Red: Caution

If you could pick anyone to act as your mentor, who would it be?

GREG RUCKA!!!! Yes if he would put up with my annoying pestering every five seconds I would love to have him, if only for a few hours, to give me that nudge in the right direction.

Have you done anything at a convention, as in had a table in artist alley or a booth or been a guest?

Not yet, but it’s still early days for me so I’m hoping to debut Seamstress next year down here in Australia.

Have people ever cosplayed your work?

Unfortunately, no. Though I hear down the grape vine that something might be in the works! But it would be amazing to see any of my works come to life.

How has the industry changed since you first started?

Since I found comics a few years ago, the industry has exploded with talent, so I’m really excited to be in the thick of it right at this moment now.

How do you feel about the change to mainstream thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory and the movies now in the cinema like Spider-Man and Batman vs Superman?

Well those shows have opened the world of comics up from being a child’s interest to a more adult scene. It’s nice to see people my age embracing this fantasy world and becoming more involved in it letting their inner child break free.

Tell us about Polli and Cassi:


Polli: Seamstress

Polli is a unique individual with light pink bubble gum hair. She only wears the latest fashion styles when she’s not doing business. Usually found in a sleek, seductive dress, she is the epitome of rich snob and knows it. With the cover of running a fashion house and magazine, Polli has no qualms about flaunting her decadence for the world to see, hiding in plain sight. But it is [that] confident high from her creations in front of the villain’s that boosts her thrill factor, having them only come back for more despite her rather unpredictable temper. Polli also has a quirk which is a considerable addiction to coffee.


Cassi: Seamstress

Cassi, on the other hand, is a recluse. Only leaving her ‘Nook’ when she must, Cassi is usually found wondering around her hidden studio in just a baggy T-shirt and her underwear. She mostly avoids contact with her clients and all people in general, preferring to spend her time with machines more than man. A complete contradiction to her twin, Cassi is humble and caring with a stubborn sense of pride for her work. Cassi doesn’t care much for fashion and has a cheeky attitude that winds her sister up every time the topic is spoken of. Cassi also has a quirk which is a significant addiction to soda.

How long are you looking to have this series running?

As long as it can! But I’m hoping to have at least three volumes out for the series if I can.

What is your favourite moment in what you have written so far?

Oooo, that’s a tough one, I have so many moments in each series I don’t think I can choose but one of my most heart wrenching is in a future issue of Toxicity when the main character Synner has to say goodbye to someone she loves, I cried while writing it and I still cry each time I read it.

Anything extra you would like to share:

The Kickstarter for Seamstress is running currently to fund the series. It’s been a long journey to get the book up and running and I just hope that people enjoy the rewards on offer as well as the story I want to bring to the world.

Fun time:

 Who is your favourite comic book character?

BATWOMAN!! Everyone  knows this!

Who is your favourite author (books)?

Mikhail Bulgakov

What is your favourite movie?

My go to movie is Spirted Away

What is your favourite band/music artist?

Heavy metal, give me anything with drums, guitar and screaming.

What is a quirk you have (like dipping fries into chocolate Sunday)?

List making, lord I have a list for everything I even have lists for lists.


Synner: Toxicity


Day or night


Star trek or Star Wars 

Oooo damn you. Star Trek if it has Janeway

Coffee or tea 


Summer or winter 


Cats or dogs 


Batman or Superman 

duh Batman!

Movies or a book 


Pizza or Burgers 


Coke or Pepsi 

Pepsi if I could drink it, lol

For those wanting to see more of NS Kane’s work you can find her on Facebook, Twitter  and the Kickstarter for Seamstress

Next issue release date of current project: January 2016