An X-Cellent New Trailer for Days of Future Past

Maybe it’s Superhero fatigue, but it seems to me that Days of Future Past should have been a much MUCH bigger cinematic event than what it currently feels like. So what’s the deal?

You have the original X director, the gent who helped comic book movies be taken seriously (for a while at least, because Superman Returns. . . yeah. . .), back at the head of his original cast mixed with that of the most recent—and arguably best—entry in the franchise, all to adapt one of the more iconic comic book arcs of its generation.

I blame the first trailer released back in October, which, let’s be Frank, stank (Frank likes to say it stank). That and the awful Empire Mag cover dedicated to Quicksilver who looks like the bastard child of the Fonz and a pokemon. Good news: this trailer kicks far more booty and announces plenty of Jennifer Lawrence  (and Hugh Jackman) for the movie. Bad news: Quicksilver looks just as lame.

Here’s that brand new trailer for you all to enjoy, while the film, hopefully a success-to-be because I REALLY wanna see Apocalypse on the big screen, hits the multiplex May 23.