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Alex’s Take: Sony E3 2014

The PS3 was the most powerful game system of the last console generation. It boasted better graphics, more disc space, and free online play. In fact, the only thing keeping me from the PS3 was its initial high price point. When the PS4 released with a lower price tag than the Xbox One, I knew something awesome had happened at Sony.

Sony’s  live press event this year continued last year’s jabs at Microsoft. It wasn’t nearly as often or mean-spirited like last time, but their jokes still had the crowd rolling. Many new titles of established franchises were shown alongside a few unique ones. PlayStation Now and PlayStation TV were also discussed, but several questions still remain.

The biggest game discussed was Bungie’s Destiny, which was told to have more bonuses and will overall be better on the PlayStation 4. In fact, Sony will be offering a white, 500 GB PS4, bundled with Destiny and 30 days of PlayStation Plus on September 9th later this year. Furthering this almost awkward love for Sony, PS4 owners can play the Alpha test starting June12; the beta tests will hit July 17th and Destiny will be released on PS4 first.

Following Destiny was a mysterious game, The Order: 1866. This game appeared on the cover of Game Informer, blasting out of hiding to woo gamers with its strange and dark art direction. Gameplay footage shown at Sony’s press event proved to be intense. The player, instead of a flashlight, held out a lantern with a single candle guiding his way. Stumbling upon an obvious zombie, the character stared in horror as it devoured some poor sap. Then, the zombie transformed into a Mr. Hyde-esque creature that chased the player and slapped him around.

Screenshot from stage demo

Screenshot from stage demo

All seemed bleak for the hero, until the magical triangle button appeared on screen. Lucky for the hero, the player hit that button, giving the hero the will he needed to take a health potion. While the art direction and story is intriguing in The Order, I wish quick quick-time events would fade away.

Sony used contrast to their advantage. After every dark game was a charming one. The most charming of these was Little Big Planet 3. I’ve never really been into Little Big Planet, but I’ve always wanted to give it a shot. Games that allow players to create and share content have always been appealing, but what really blew me away was learning that all the levels that have ever been created from the last two games in the series (according to the folks behind the game is over 8 million) will be playable in full HD on Little Big Planet 3. That’s way more levels than any game has ever had at launch. Not only that, but also with the addition of three new characters, each with their own abilities, players can augment levels they made in the past to fit those characters.

Several games were given the remake treatment. Alongside a new film trailer, the original Ratchet and Clank is getting remade for the PS4. This won’t be an average graphics update either. Sony boasted that the game will get all new assets and set pieces, making the game the best it could ever be. Grim Fandango, a point and click adventure of the past, will also be getting a remake. The crowd exploded at this news, making me feel bad for never playing it. Other games being ported to the PS4 include The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto 5. Feeling a bit jaded, the PS Vita will be receiving Minecraft and several of the indie titles with its big brother.

There were some shining gems in the press event. Of course there were several sequels and things we’ve seen before, but these games showed a uniqueness not seen in the others. Entwined is a beautiful game about two spirits in love and is available now for $9.99. Bloodborne, the darkest game shown, could be a super-spiritual successor to the Dark Souls franchise. ABZU comes from the makers of the award winning Journey. No Man’s Sky, creates a first person space adventure that lets the player take off to visit other planets. Sony ended their event with a trailer for Uncharted 4, presumably the last game starring Nathan Drake or as I like to say Indiana Croft.

While they didn’t show as many new games as Microsoft showed, Sony did put on a good show. Personally, I think a little too much time was spent on services and television shows. I was even more depressed when absolutely nothing was shared about Square Enix’s big sequels: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, two games that will force many gamers to buy a PS4.

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